Information reaching us indicates Steve McMillan Alabama State Representative, has died

The news of his death was circulated on numerous online portals.

Though we did not recieve an official notice from the family, Wikipedia has recorded the death, hence we can confidently confirm the death reports. 

Steve McMillan cause of death

After his sudden death, Netizens secould not hide their shock upon hearing the news of such a sudden demise, on question remains on the minds of Netizens,

How did Steve McMillan die? 

Well, his exact cause of death was not released by the family, of course several considerations will be made before the family will finally reveal the cause of death. 

Who was Steve McMillan

Stephen Albert McMillan was an American politician. He was a member of the Alabama House of Representatives from the 95th District, serving since 1980. He was a member of the Republican Party. He was first elected to succeed his twin brother, John McMillan.

He recently announced that he had been diagnosed with three brain tumors.

McMillan was first elected to the Alabama House as a Democrat in 1980. He changed parties in 1993 and ran as a Republican.

Speaker of the House Mac McCutcheon said, “Because of his experience in the House, Steve was a mentor to many members through the years and he was a close friend and trusted advisor to me.”

McMillan also owned the Baldwin County real estate firm, McMillan and Associates.

The District 95 seat will be filled later this year.

Here are details about his spouse, Networth, families etc

SINCE  Steve McMillan death news is already going viral, with numerous untrue stories surrounding his death we recommend you bookmark this page so you get updated, once there is a new information surrounding the death. 


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