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How to Start a Blog In Ghana: Have you ever asked any of the questions below?

What is a Blog, what is blogginghow to start a blog in Ghanahow to make money online in Ghana, online jobs in Ghana for students, online jobs in Ghana? Am here to give you a complete breakdown and how to get started.

After reading this article, you will have basic knowledge about blogging and how to start yours and make money online blogging in Ghana.

Let’s start with some reasons why you should Start a blog in Ghana

Why should you start a blog in Ghana?

  • It gives you the freedom to do other businesses.
  • The money you can make is unmetered – in blogging, there is NO limit to how much you can make, the more effort you put, the more money you make.
  • It brings you happiness – yes, I feel excited when I solve a problem for my readers.
  • It makes you a boss – in blogging, you are your own boss. you work at your convenience and comfort zone.
  • It brings exposure – blogging exposes me to lots of life-changing ideas and people that matter.
  • It brings passive income solution – blogging makes me money while am not there. It literally makes money on autopilot.
  • It has no eligibility – anyone from anyway in the world with an internet connection can make money from blogging. Regardless of your country, education, employment status, marital status, you Start a blog in ghana.

What then is a blog?

Definition of blog

A blog (a shortened version of “weblog”) is an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first, at the top. It is a platform where a writer or a group of writers share their views on an individual subject.

How Does Blogs Look Like?

The appearance of blogs has changed over time, and these days blogs include a wide variety of items and widgets. However, most blogs still include some standard features and structures.

  1. Here are common features that a typical blog will include:
  2. Header with the menu or navigation bar.
  3. Main content area with highlighted or latest blog posts.
  4. Sidebar with social profiles, favorite content, or call-to-action.
  5. Footer with relevant links like a disclaimer, privacy policy, contact page, etc.

What is Blogging

Blogging is the process of sharing information on the blog.

Who is blogger?

Basically, bloggers publish “blog posts” or articles for others to read, usually talking about one specific topic.
A Blogger is the operator of a blog or I can say, a blogger is a person who shares information a blog

Here is a list of renowned Bloggers in Ghana making $5000+ monthly from Blogging

Avance Media’s 2020 Top 10+ Ghanaian Bloggers Ranking

  1. Rashad Emmanuel & Toni Kusi ||
  2. Chris Vincent Agyapong & Godwin Nii – Armah Okine ||
  3. Papaga Seckloawu Bless ||
  4. Chris Handler ||
  5. Felix Adomako Mensah ||
  6. Ameyaw Debrah ||
  7. Kofi Cephas & Dennis Agyapong Boateng ||
  8. Prince Fiifi Cudjoe & Alexander Fifi Abaka ||
  9. Nii Atakora Mensah ||
  10. Nana Addo Tamakloe ||
  11. Isaac Brown-Yawson ||
  12. Eugene Nyavor ||
  13. Clement Asamoah Yeboah & Israel Boafo Bansah ||
  14. Ohemaa Candace ||
  15. Jojo Turkson ||
  16. Jonathan Appiah – Adu ||
  17. Cobby Collins ||

How to Make Money Online Blogging in Ghana?

Before we dive into How to Start your blog in Ghana, Lets look at How to Make Money Online Blogging in Ghana!
There are Numerous ways you can make money blogging in Ghana. Here are popular ways we bloggers make money from our blogs.

Advertising on your blog

You can make money from your blog by running advertisements from ads networks like Google Adsense, Mgid, adstera, adcash etc. You can also get direct advert deal from companies when your traffic grows exponentially.
As you starting out newly in blogging, you might want to use Google Adsense to monetize your blog. Its the easy and free. Many bloggers are using this. I’m using this as well to make lots of money from this very blog.

Afilliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

In Ghana, you can promote Jumia products on your blog and get paid. just apply for jumia affiliate program and you good to go. Most of my Blogs, I promote Jumia, Amazon, CJ etc. products and I earn attractive commission on each sale drive.
you can search and get other affiliate marketing programs to join and make money from your blog

Sell Products

Do you have a product you wish to sell? This can digital products like ebook, software, music etc. or physical products. Your blog will be a great avenue to sell it. You can tell your readers about your product and the benefits, surely this will be a huge income stream for you.
This blog monetization method is used by thousands of bloggers and you can use it too.

Sell Private Ads

Working with advertising networks isn’t your only option when it comes to selling ads. If you end up with enough traffic, advertisers may come directly to you and ask you to place their ads on your site. You can also contact advertisers yourself. The biggest difference from the above mentioned option is that there is no middle man, which means you can set your own ad rates.

Selling private ads can come in the form of banners, buttons, or links. You can even make money writing sponsored posts where you write about or give a review of an advertiser’s product or service. Another option is to write an underwritten post or series, which is where you can write about any topic, but the advertiser pays for a “Brought to you by” mention in the content.

Sell Memberships

Another option to make money is to sell memberships to exclusive corners of your website. For instance, a career blog might charge $10 per month for users to gain access to their job board. A startup business blog might sell memberships to their forums where people can get personalized advice about their business.

The key here is that your exclusive membership has to be more valuable than something your visitors can find for free somewhere else, so be sure you’re developing something of value and worth the price.

How Start a Blog in Ghana

Great! You have come far….Relax, Read carefully and let me guide you to create your Blog in simple steps and in a few minutes

Don’t get confused with The question “How to Start a Blog In Ghana,” “How to Create a Blog in Ghana”.

Here are the main Processes to start a blog in Ghana

  1. Pick a Niche/Topic
  2. Get a reliable Hosting
  3. Choose your Domain
  4. Choose a Blogging Platform
  5. Set up your Blog
  6. Publish Quality content
  7. Monetize your Blog

Pick a Niche/Topic

Before starting a blog, the first essential steps is choosing a niche for your blog. It’s the area you will be writing about.

Proftable blog niches in ghana

  • Health Blogs
  • Education Blogs
  • Technology Blogs
  • Health and Fitness Blogs
  • Make money online Blogs
  • Fashion Blogs
  • Lifestyle blog etc
  • News

Choosing Domain Name in Ghana

Domain name is your internet URL: Universal Resource Locator. It’s basically the internet address of your blog. It’s the address people type into their browser to access your website.

Generally, Good domain names should be catchy, very short and should give direct meaning
examples of domain include

  • etc

Reliable hosting companies in Ghana

There are many Hosting service providers in Ghana, I use ULTRAHOSTGHANA, is reliable, other hosting service providers in ghana include etc

International Hosting Companies

Choose a Blogging Platform

There are many blogging platforms available. The best and most recommended is WordPress (self-hosted). WordPress is a free and open-source content management system, it powers 33% websites on the internet today. WordPress can be used to create not only a blog but also, Forum, Business websites, eCommerce stores, Blogs, Portfolios, Resumes, Forums, Social networks, Membership sites or anything else you can dream up.

Types of WordPress

There are Two types of WordPress:, often called self-hosted WordPress, is the free, open-source WordPress software that you can install on your own domain and web host to create a website that’s 100% your own. is a for-profit, paid service that is powered by the software. It’s simple to use, but you lose much of the flexibility of the self-hosted WordPress.
Most of the time, when people say “WordPress”, they mean the self-hosted WordPress available at If you want to truly own your website, self-hosted is always the best option.

Other Blogging Platforms to use in Ghana:


Setting Up Your Blog

Setting up a blog is the process of installing, configuring, designing and optimizing your blog and make it business-ready.
Firstly, after you install WordPress on your hosting. You will need to login into your WordPress dashboard using the URL

Installing Theme for your Blog

WordPress has thousands of Free Theme/Template Designs to use on your blog to improves the user experience of your blog. You can browse the theme catalogue on your WordPress dashboard and apply the one that matches your blog niche.

Installing Important WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins are extensions/add-ons that enhance the functionality or add more features to the core WordPress software. As a beginner blogger, the freest essential WordPress plugins you need to install on your blog are Yoast SEO, Jetpack, Akismet, WP-Cache, Social share and others.

Creating Legal Pages for your Blog.

Before you start your blog, it’s essential to create legal pages for your blog. This includes About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, if you will be monetizing your blog through an affiliate program, then you will need an Affiliate Disclosure page.

Make a search on how to write each legal page for your blog.

Start Creating Good Content

After the one-time setups are done and your blog is live. It’s about time to start blogging (I mean creating valuable contents for your readers.) Before you even think of making money from your blog, you need to build an audience first.

This is providing useful content, helping, or entertaining your potential visitors. Below are some tips to grow your blog and making money online blogging in Ghana.

Content Is King: Great content is the key to running a successful blog. Your content must be valuable, helpful, engaging, entertaining, informative, and educating, depending on your blogging niche.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization should be a priority when creating content for your blog. Use proper and relevant keywords in your content. Use attractive Post Title, slug and ALT Text for your Images.
Avoid copying other people’s work at all cost. Plagiarism will have you penalized and have your website shut down. Be original.

Place useful links in your posts. Link back to your articles and other useful blogs.
Have a schedule for your posting. It could be daily, weekly or monthly.
Join and interact with other bloggers online. Comment on their blogs and request for backlinks.

How to visitors to your Blog in Ghana

Optimize your posts for search engines (SEO)
Comment on Other Blogs
Write a catchy headline
Create Fresh Content Regularly
Promote massively in social media
Participate in Question and Answer sites

Work hard to promote your blog and get lots of visitors. Remember, the more traffic you can. the more money you make on your blog.

Make Money from your Blog

As I stated earlier in this post, there are many ways to make money Blogging. You can stroll to the top of this article to see different ways to make money online blogging in Ghana.

The money you can make from your blog is unlimited and it’s passive income. This means the content you create today on your blog can make you money every month. Tons of bloggers start monetizing their blogs with Adsense, Below is Brief information on Adsense


Google AdSense is a program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.

How to integrate Adsense on your Blog

Step 1: Set up your site

Step 2: Make sure your site is in compliance

Step 3: Apply to AdSense

Step 4: Configure your ads

Step 5: Copy and paste the AdSense code onto your site

Step 7: Verify your address

Once you start generating earnings from Google AdSense, you’ll receive a card from Google in the mail. Before you can withdraw your earnings, you’ll need to make sure your address has been verified.

The card will include a PIN associated with your AdSense account. Just follow the instructions on your card for verifying the PIN online.

Once the PIN and address have been verified, you’ll be able to cash out payments when your account reaches the specified payment threshold


Now you know what a blog is and how to create your own blog and how to promote it and start making money blogging in Ghana. What will be your next action?

Slip away just like other people do? Give excuses? or grab this information and take action towards making online?

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