St Francis college of education -Hohoe admission list.


Annually, authorities of st Francis college of education releases the names of successful applicants into the college a few months to the starts of the new academic year with their respective courses!

This year, the college has again screened details of applicants and are yet to come out with the list of all successful applicants.

Usually the admission list is released in two sections. The first list comes earlier with successful applicants, another list comes again to supplement the first list, however, the reporting dates for the two lists is the same!

Whiles waiting for admission list, here are some of the ways you can check if you have qualified.

  1. Check your name on the list on their campus.

here applicants can troupe to the school premises and check their names on the school’s notice board.

2.  Check for the list on the appropriate website.

St Fransis
St Francis Badge

Before, you start your journey to st Francis college of education, here are five facts you must know about the institute.

  1. The school is fully a Catholic school and requires some basic Catholic doctrines from students.
  2. The school is science and mathematics bias, but the recent changes from college to university has created room for more courses to be added.
  3. The school has st Theresas college as a neighbor.
  4. The school recently produced the highest number of first classes among the colleges in the Volta region of Ghana.
  5. The school stands third in the first-class rankings among colleges of education in Ghana!

Thanks for reading, share your thought and problems about admissions 2021/2020 with us!

Once ghspeaks getshold of the admission list for any you would receive and update!