Guide To Use SSNIT Portal ID


How to Use SSNIT Portal ID

To use the Portal ID for the first time, please do the following steps:

i. Open the SSNIT Website

ii. Click on the SIGN IN icon on the top right corner

iii. Key in the Portal ID into the Username box

iv. Key in the temporary password into the Password box

v. Click on the Sign In button

vi. You will be redirected to the First Time Login screen where you need to answer a Captcha test. Please answer the test

vii. Then you will be asked 3 (three) personal questions. You need to answer at least 2 (two) correctly

viii. The system will asked you to set 3 (three) of your security questions

ix. Next you will be forced to change your temporary password to a new permanent password

x. Once successful, you will be logged out from the system. Use the new password to log in

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