Sir Robin Day : Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Net Worth, ITV News

Sir Robin Day was an English political journalist and television and radio broadcaster who lived from October 24, 1923, until August 6, 2000. Dick Taverne’s obituary in The Guardian noted that Day was “His generation’s most remarkable television journalist.

He revolutionized the television interview, altered the relationship between politicians and television, and worked to ensure that the medium’s presentation of current events was balanced and sensible “.

Robin Day’s Book Talk, which broadcast in the early days of BBC News 24 in 1998, was his last regular TV appearance. Interviews and discussions about books were featured on the show, which was centered on a political topic.

It sometimes took the shape of a one-on-one interview, and other times it took the form of a panel discussion.

Sir Robin Day Wife

Day married Katherine Ainslie, an Australian law professor at St Anne’s College, Oxford, in 1965, and they had two boys. In 1986, the couple separated. His elder son never entirely recovered from the impact of several skull fractures he had in a childhood fall, which was one of his life’s tragedies.

Sir Robin Day Net Worth

Sir Robin Day had an estimated net worth of $1.5 million from his broadcast Journalism career.

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