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Are you interested in learning more about the British sailor Shirley Robertson? She’s a gold medalist at the Olympics and has won the medal in consecutive games. She’s one of the few sailors to ever win a gold medal at two different games. Read on to learn about her inspiring life and accomplishments. She’s one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century and deserves a little background knowledge on her.

Born July 15, 1968 in Dundee, Scotland, Shirley Robertson is an Olympic gold medalist and is one of the most successful women in sailing. She was introduced to the sport when she was a child and has been competing in it ever since. She was a competitive sailor from a very young age, and her father built her dinghy in his garage. At the age of seven, she won two gold medals in sailing, and was a graduate of Heriot-Watt University.


Shirley Robertson is a renowned sailor who has won two gold medals at the Olympic Games. She was the first British woman to win two gold medals at the same Games. In 2000, she was named female World sailor of the year by the International Sailing Federation. In addition to her sailor career, Shirley Robertson also serves as a broadcast journalist and is based in London.

Before becoming a star, Shirley Robertson began sailing at a young age. She was only eleven years old when she won her first gold medal. Her father had built a dinghy for her, and she began sailing at an early age. Then, she was selected to compete in the European class of dinghies at the 1992 Olympics. She was ninth in her first Olympics and placed fourth in the 1996 Games. However, she missed the Games by two points.


Born in Dundee, Scotland, Robertson is a famous sailor who won two gold medals in the Olympics in the 1980s. She is a mother of twins and lives in Glasgow, Scotland with her husband. Although her husband was a stockbroker, he was a teacher in the local high school. His wife, Jamie Boag, was a former television news anchor. After she graduated from the university, she began her quest for the gold in sailing.

The British sailor has won four Olympic Games and is a host of CNN’s MainSail show. She is one of the few British women to win gold medals in consecutive Olympics. In Sydney, she won the Olympic Games in 2000, and again in Athens, in 2004. After winning the Olympics, she turned to racing professionally. She races on the JPMorgan Asset Management Extreme 40 catamaran, and her popularity has increased dramatically in recent years.

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