Shavkat Rakhmonov Height: How Tall Is Shavkat Rakhmonov?

Shavkat Rakhmonov

Shavkat Rakhmonov Height: Shavkat Rakhmonov is a name that has become increasingly popular in the world of mixed martial arts.

A fighter from Kazakhstan, Rakhmonov has been making waves with his impressive performances inside the octagon.


But while fans may be familiar with his fighting style and accomplishments, one question that continues to arise is how tall is Shavkat Rakhmonov?

Before we dive into Rakhmonov’s height, let’s take a quick look at who he is and his background.


Shavkat Rakhmonov was born on November 7, 1994, in the city of Oral, Kazakhstan. He started training in combat sports at a young age and eventually found his way to mixed martial arts.

Rakhmonov made his professional MMA debut in 2015 and has since amassed an impressive record of 13 wins and 0 losses.

He has competed in various promotions, including M-1 Global, Cage Warriors, and most recently, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Shavkat Rakhmonov Height: How Tall Is Shavkat Rakhmonov?

Now, let’s get to the question at hand. How tall is Shavkat Rakhmonov? According to various sources, including the UFC’s official website, Rakhmonov stands at 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) tall.


Standing at 6’1″, Rakhmonov is considered to be above average height for a welterweight fighter.

However, his height is not the only attribute that makes him stand out in the cage. Rakhmonov is also known for his impressive reach, which he utilizes to keep his opponents at bay and land devastating strikes.

While Rakhmonov’s height may be one of his notable physical attributes, he possesses other physical traits that make him a formidable opponent in the cage. Here are some of his other physical characteristics:

  • Weight: Rakhmonov competes in the welterweight division, which has a weight limit of 170 pounds (77 kg).
  • Reach: As mentioned earlier, Rakhmonov has an impressive reach of 76 inches (193 cm), which is significantly longer than the average reach of a welterweight fighter.
  • Build: Rakhmonov has a lean, muscular build, which helps him move quickly and explosively in the cage.

In conclusion, Shavkat Rakhmonov is a rising star in the world of mixed martial arts, and his height is just one of the physical attributes that make him a formidable opponent in the cage.

At 6 feet 1 inch tall, Rakhmonov is above average height for a welterweight fighter and has an impressive reach that he uses to his advantage.

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