Shahira Amin Biography


Amin obtained a Master’s degree in TV Journalism from the American University of Cairo. She began her career as a radio DJ. Later, she joined the Egyptian state television Nile TV and became an anchor and correspondent. She later worked as the channel’s deputy head. In 2000, Amin joined CNN as a news anchor. Amin left CNN to join ABC news. She has been a part of CNN’s World News Team since 2006.

Shahira Amin Biography includes notable honors, including being named the UN’s first female journalist. Her work has spanned the globe, with extensive coverage on women’s rights and human rights. She has won the CNN World Report award for her coverage of the Arab Spring and the emancipation of women in Egypt. She has also won numerous awards and honors, including the Holmes of the Year award from the University of Gotheborg. Her efforts in the fight to free the Egyptian women have been recognized by UNICEF. She currently hosts the weekly talk show ‘In the Hot Seat’ and contributes articles to a number of publications.


Her work as a CNN reporter helped her earn millions of dollars. She has traveled the world covering major events and interviewing influential people. She is now a freelancer and an author. Her media career has helped her accumulate an incredible amount of wealth. While this job has given her a lot of financial security, she has also been a strong supporter of women’s rights. As a result, her personal life has been quite successful.

Amin is currently based in Cairo with her partner. She has a daughter who lives with her and a son who lives separately. She has lived in many places including Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, the UK, and Sri Lanka. In addition to her TV career, she has written articles for various magazines and contributed to several publications. This is a brief biography of Shahira Amin. There are many other things you should know about Amin’s life.


In her early years, Amin worked at the BBC website. She was promoted to deputy mind of her channel. She also hosted the show In the Hot Seat, a documentary about Mubarak. She had a son before she became a CNN journalist. In the 1990s, she worked for the American International University in Cairo. She moved to the United States after graduation. In the year 2000, she had begun to work with Nile Television.

Besides working as a broadcaster, Amin is also a newscaster. She is a senior anchor at the English vocabulary channel in Egypt. She is a CNN correspondent and has a brother and sister. She is Egyptian by birth and is a member of the British International College. Her career as an anchor and reporter has taken her to many places. She has been born in Madi, Egypt and has lived in several countries.

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