Shädman Art; Facts about the Swedish artist

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Shädman’s Biography

Shadman’s given name is Shaddai Prejean, and he is a Swedish artist. He rose to prominence in 2009/10 after launching a YouTube channel and website to share his artwork.

He is, however, a mysterious personality with scant personal information. Shaddai is thought to have grown up in Switzerland, possibly in the Zurich area. In a YouTube video, he revealed that he attended a local school in Zurich but was expelled for his art.

Shädman Art; Facts about the Swedish artist

His sexually explicit illustrations, which featured underage characters, had been discovered by the school. His drawings also got him in trouble with the cops. Because Shadman is a private person, little is known about his family.

Furthermore, the artist’s face is still a mystery because he only posts photos of himself wearing a mask. Shadman’s parents live in Zurich, Switzerland, according to his YouTube video life story.

shädman’s Age

Shädman was born in Zurich, Switzerland on September 9, 1990. He is twenty-one years old. Every year on September 9th, Shädman celebrates his birthday.

shädman’s Wife

Shädman art may or may not be married. He hasn’t revealed much about his private life. It’s unclear whether he’s married or dating anyone.

shädman’s Children

Shädman might not have any children. He hasn’t revealed much about his private life. It’s difficult to tell if he has any children right now.

shädman Social Media

Shädman art is a social media pastime. He’s been a Twitter user since 2013. Shädman can be found on Twitter as @Shadbase. He has 199 followers and 779.5K followers on Twitter as of November 2022.

How did Shaddai become famous?

Following his school and legal problems, Prejean joined the military for his mandatory service as a tank operator. Following his service, he reportedly left Switzerland for Canada before relocating to Los Angeles, California.

Shadman is an artist as well as a YouTuber. Shadbase’s comics and art, which he posts on his website and other social media platforms, provide him with income. He also claims to create illustrations for clients on commission.

Shadman is a YouTube content creator in addition to being an illustrator. His YouTube channel contains time-lapse videos of him drawing various illustrations. With over 300,000 subscribers and over 34.6 million total views, it is quite popular.

Shadman’s controversy

The controversy surrounding Shadman stems from his sexually explicit illustrations, which many people believe are extreme, inappropriate, and sometimes illegal. He has been involved in several work-related scandals, including:

1. Sexually explicit illustrations that are inappropriate and offensive

Rule 34 is followed by Shadman’s comics and illustrations (a popular internet rule stating that sexually explicit material or pornography exists for any conceivable subject).

As a result, Shadbase’s illustrations and art create characters and people that many internet users find offensive. Shadbase’s sexually explicit illustrations of his mother are among his most contentious works.

In another case, a day after dying of cancer, he drew an illustration of Edd Gould (a cartoonist) being sexually assaulted by a grim reaper. Shadbase is also known for creating sexually explicit characters based on well-known movie and television scenes.

For example, the Shadman’s Pokémon characters and Justice League and Teen Titans drawings. While these are not illegal, they irritate many people, particularly diehard fans.

2. Illustrations depicting underage characters/people

Another source of contention for Shaddai is his use of underage characters in his illustrations. He defends himself on his website, claiming that his characters are 18 or older, even when depicted or specified otherwise.

However, many of his illustrations appear to depict underage girls. Furthermore, Shaddai has been widely chastised for creating illustrations of underage characters based on real people.

In one instance, he portrayed YouTuber KeemStar’s underage daughter (7 years old at the time) engaging in a sexually explicit act with President Trump. In another case, he portrayed actress Dafne Keen (12 at the time) as being sexually assaulted.

Shadman’s net worth

The Hentai artist is said to have a net worth of between $3 and $4 million. He has made a significant amount of money through various ventures such as YouTube content creation and Twitches streaming.

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