Seo Soojin is a multi talented K-pop idol. Here are a few facts about the iconic singer and performer that you probably did not know or may find interesting.

1. She is very good at taekwando

Aside what she shows us on the stage, Seo Soojin also has very impressive skills when it comes to taekwando. She learned the art a long time ago, even before she enrolled in the dance academy. She even told her fans that at a point, she thought it was what she was going to do for the rest of her life.

2. She is not very fluent with English.

Soojin is very fluent in Korean, but when it comes to the English language, the idol is a novice. However, she disclosed to fans that she was taking English lessons in order to improve her fluency in it.

3. Soojin was the “mom” of the group.

All the (G) Idle girls have many different things to say about Soojin, but one thing they were all in agreement with about her is how motherly she always acted.


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