Apply Now : 10+ Scholarships Opened For Ghanaian Students In April 2021

Starting your career with a full-time or partial scholarship here in Ghana or abroad is a great way to achieve your Academic goals.

Over 10000+ scholarships are awarded to Ghanaian students annually to enable them have a successful academic life.

In this article, We are sharing with your over 15 Scholarship opportunities that Ghanaian students can apply for in April 2021

Scholarships Opened For Ghanaian Students In April 2021

The GE SFAO scholarship for Ghanaian students

The scholarship covers the tuition fees, learning materials, accommodation and out of pocket allowances. It also guarantees leadership training and internship in the firm on scholars who maintain exemplary academic performance of at least 2.5 CGPA.

The scholarship is renewed annually if the scholars continue to show exemplary academic performance of a Grade Point Average of 2.5 and better.

KNUST/ Mastercard Undergraduate Scholarships 

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partnership with the Mastercard foundation Scholars Program provides scholarships for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds with high and exemplary performance at the WASSCE exam results.

The scholarship covers undergraduate programs in the scholar’s related field of interest. KNUST is one of the leading universities in Ghana in terms of innovation and producing skilled experts in different sectors of the economy.

The Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust

The scholarship was founded by a group of graduates to cater for Ghanaian scholars from economically disadvantaged areas with high academic potential to pursue different courses in tertiary institutions in Ghana. The scholarships are also open for scholars seeking admission for undergraduate course in universities and Polytechnics. The course aims to eradicate poverty in Ghana by educating the scholars to gain skills and knowledge to apply to better their communities.

Commonwealth scholarship for Ghanaian students

The program is international, under which the member governments offer scholarships and fellowships to citizens of other Commonwealth countries like Ghana. The award involves different types of scholarships like: PhD research, master’s study, shared scholarships with U.K universities in support of Master’s program, distance learning scholarships for developing country students to study for the Master’s degree at U.K while still living in Ghana.

Bristol University Think Big Scholarships 

The institution is dedicated in helping the brightest and best international students from all across the world.

The program offers full-time undergraduate courses except in the fields of Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science or Postgraduate program offered at the University. The award covers 25% and 100% of all the tuition fees for the full-time duration of the program at the University.

IOE Centenary Maters Scholarships

 The program aims to offer Mater’s scholarships for learners who are willing to use the knowledge and skills acquired to help develop Ghana or improve the circumstances of the disadvantaged and excluded citizens.

The scholarships cover full tuition fees and a 1-year accommodation at International Students House. Applicants must have an offer to study a full-time master’s degree in London at the UCL Institute of Education.

Nottingham Developing Solutions Scholarships

 The program is designed for students interested in pursuing a Master’s program at the learning institution and use the knowledge and skills to change the development of Ghana. The scholarship covers the tuition fees, accommodation, monthly living expenses and transport allowances.

University Paris-Saclay International Master’s Scholarships 

The institution aims to provide master’s degree to international students taught in its establishments and making it easier for highly-qualified foreign students to attend its University especially those wishing to develop an academic project through research up to the doctorate level.

The Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London

 The program aims to support learners with exemplary performance from economically disadvantaged developing countries and who can demonstrate their intention to make full use of the activities offered at the learning facility and the Student Union.

The postgraduate scholarship for Ghanaian students is not limited to the field of study as the scholars can choose any subject offered at the University.

OFID scholarship award for international students 

The program sponsors academically endowed students from developing countries who are interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in a relevant field of study related to development from any of the recognized university in the world.

Masters scholarships for Ghanaian students 2021

  • The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program
  • Berkeley College International Student Scholarships
  • University of Westminster Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Government of Russian Federation Scholarships
  • York University Undergraduate Scholarships 
  • Turkey Scholarship for Ghanaian students

Thanks for Reading, Good Luck in your Quest to get your tertiary education Funded

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