Scholarships For Medicine Students In Ghana


Scholarships For Medicine Students

Who is a Medical Student? Medical Students are students training to become physicians. In the United States, undergraduate medical education consists of four years of study in an allopathic (MD degree) or osteopathic (DO degree) school of medicine.

Scholarships For Medicine Students In Ghana

Below is a list of scholarships and grants offered annually

These will be sent as soon as they are announced by the relevant institutions, usually once a week.

The list below also includes organizations that grant scholarships.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with eligibility conditions, what the scholarship covers, and the application deadline.

Obtaining a scholarship or grant funding requires a good understanding of the application process and skill in making the application.

It also takes dedication, perseverance, and patience.

Most grants and scholarships require you to submit your application several months in advance of actual disbursement.

Please bear in mind that you must have the necessary qualifications as stipulated by the scholarship/grant providers.

Funds are sparse for undergraduate students (but not nonexistent).

Scholarships and funds become increasingly available as one goes up the scale to graduate student, post-graduate etc.

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Ghana Scholarships For Medicine Students

Here are Scholarships Medicine Students Can apply for

GETFUND Scholarships
GNPC Scholarships
Ghana Scholarship Secretariat
Free SHS Scholarships
Above are the main sources of Scholarship available from the Government to Medicine Students, Both under and Post Graduate.

Scholarships For Ghanaian Medicine Students Abroad

Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholarship and Leadership Programme
Orange Knowledge Programme in The Netherlands
Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships
Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth Countries
Nottingham Developing Solutions Scholarships
Deadline: 21 May 2021 (annual)
Edinburgh Global Online Distance Learning Scholarships
Taiwan International Higher Education Scholarship Program
Deadline: 15 March 2021 (annual)
WMF Empowerment Through Education Scholarships for Developing Country Students
Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals