Requirements To Study Medicine At Legon


Study Medicine At Legon

Studying medicine at a university in Ghana is the best choice you have made.

Growing up, Ghanaian students see the studies of medicine as difficult compared to other programs.

Though a high number of students desire to study medicine at the tertiary level, few of such students Are able to to pursue the program at the tertiary level.

Requirement to Study Medicine At Legon

Here are Requirement to Study Medicine At Legon ,

From our analysis, Ghanaian students are brainwashed with the fact that students need single grades from WASSCE or Novdec exams to pursue medicine in Ghanaian universities. In this article, we clarified that misconception and explained vividly the requirements to pursue medicine at the University of Ghana Legon.

The requirement to study medicine at the University of Ghana, Legon

Currently, admission requirements for Ghanaian universities for undergraduate programs is largely A1 to C6.

Undergraduate Requirements to Study Medicine At Legon

Here are Requirement to Study Medicine At Legon ,

Candidates must possess passes in Three (3) Core subjects at SHS Level:

Integrated Science, Mathematics, and English Language AND passes in Three (3) Elective subjects:  Biology, Chemistry, and Physics or Mathematics.

As explained above you must meet the general admission requirements. A1 to C6.

Here are Requirement to Study Medicine At Legon ,

Again, Due to the delicate nature of the program, Specific requirements are needed to pursue the course. With  A1 to C6, you may be allowed to read the program. Gender is considered in the selection process, hence ladies with an aggregate of 11 may be considered. Below are details for requirements.

Post Graduate Requirement to Study Medicine At Legon

Applicants should have a good (B.Sc) First Degree (Second Class, Lower Division or better) in the sciences or any science-related courses. There should be evidence of having completed the National Service and must pass a 3-hour written Entrance Examination conducted by the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Requirements for International studentS to study  medicine at legon

For an applicant looking into gaining entry into a bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery, entry requirements are; Core credit passes in English, core Mathematics, Integrated Science & Social studies. While electives are; credit passes in Chemistry and any two from Physics, Biology, and elective Mathematics.