Rapper CPO Boss Hogg wife and children

ON January 13, 2022 rapper CPO Boss Hogg reportedly ‘died’.

The Death Row Record rapper’s real name was Vince Edwards, his cousin reported that he had died.

CPO Boss Hogg Wife And Children

Who is the late rapper, CPO Boss Hogg’s wife, who was he dating before his death? is CPO Boss Hogg having children?

well, the questions above have sprung up after the demise of the rapper.

From our findings, CPO was not involved in any relationship prior to his death, again, he has not been engaged or married in the past.

Talking of children, there is no known child or children of CPO Boss Hogg to the public, we do not find any information on any adoption either.

Who was rapper CPO Boss Hogg?

Who Was Rapper CPO Boss Hogg?
Who Was Rapper CPO Boss Hogg?-image credit-the sun

Vincent Edwards professionally known by his stage name CPO Boss Hogg was an American rapper from Compton, California.

CPO Boss Hogg, 52, was most known for his time working with Death Row Records.

He began his career as a founding member of the hip hop group Capital Punishment Organization in 1989 under the moniker Lil’ Nation. The group released their only album before splitting up in 1991.

He is also known for his collaborations with the famous late rapper Tupac.

When he first entered the rap world he was under the name Lil Nation, he then changed it to CPO Boss Hogg.

Boss Hogg worked on the Tupac album All Eyez On Me on the track Picture Me, Rollin.

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