Rafer Weigel Biography


Known for his hard-hitting, opinionated reporting, Rafer Weigel is an American broadcast journalist. He has most recently worked as an early weekday news anchor and general assignment reporter for WFLD-Channel 32 in Chicago. Weigel has also been an author, a business consultant, and a consultant. He has also worked as a radio host and a political commentator.

After his father passed away, Weigel began pursuing his career in journalism, which began with an essay for the Chicago Sun-Times. From there, Weigel went on to cover high school sports and write regular features about athletes. Upon graduating from high school, Weigel joined a television show on WCKG and hosted a radio show called Celebrity Rock. He also worked as a news department clerk for the Los Angeles Times.


After his father’s death, Weigel’s father arranged an internship with WLS-TV. The internship he landed at WLS-TV led to a permanent position as a reporter. In 1994, he began writing for television, covering sports in Chicago and hosting a TV show on WCKG. He also worked as an intern at the Los Angeles Times’ sports department. After his first big break, he went on to become a full-fledged newscaster for ABC and the CBS affiliates.

Weigel married his professional photographer Tiffany Weigel in 2002. In June 2009, they welcomed their first son, Heathcliff John Weigel, named after Olympian Rafer Johnson. He is engaged to Katie Browne, and his salary is currently between $130,106 and $228,488 a year. This is an impressive sum for a television personality. Weigel’s salary is a range between $121,000 and $128,488.


After his father’s death, Weigel began pursuing a career in journalism. He wrote an essay for the Chicago Sun-Times after his father’s death. Afterwards, he became a freelance writer covering high school sports. He began covering games in the Chicago area. His work emphasized consistent attributes of local high school athletes. After college, Weigel joined a television show on the station WCKG called Celebrity Rock.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Rafer Weigel is a well-known and highly successful Actor. He graduated from Evanston Township High School in 1987 and later attended the University of Illinois, where he received a degree in theatre. While studying, Weigel pursued acting. After his father’s death, his focus shifted to broadcasting and journalism. However, his father’s death changed his focus to acting.

Rafer Weigel was born May 5, 1969, in New Haven, CT. He attended Northwestern University and the University of Illinois. He graduated with honors from both institutions. He is married to Tiffany Weigel and they have a son named Heathcliff John Weigel. In addition to his successful career, Rafer Weigel has been a part of numerous television shows and newsrooms, and has even appeared in a number of movies.

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