Queen Elizabeth Enjoy’s watching historic shows on TV and Points out Technical errors in the Shows

Queen Elizabeth II is a fan of watching TV shows with her children and is very enthusiastic about pointing out the factual mistakes made by filmmakers when they work on the productions.

Brian Hoey, the author of At Home With The Queen recorded his conversations with an insider’s perspective at Buckingham Palace, spilling details about the monarch’s favorite television show Downton Abbey.

Queen Elizabeth loves watching this historic show on TV, image source-Toady.com

Mr. Hoey said to The Daily Telegraph: “We talked about the Trooping of the Colour and how Queen Elizabeth II always looks out for anything that isn’t quite right, for instance, a young officer she noticed wearing his medals on the wrong order a few years time ago.

“Apparently she’s the same way when she’s watching TV.

“She is a fan of viewing Downton Abbey and is always pointing out what they’ve got wrong, in part because she has a good knowledge of Highclere Castle, the location where the show is shot.

“She used to live there as a guests member of family members of the Carnarvon family. The same applies whenever she watches any show on TV. In one program that she watched, Queen Elizabeth II was able to see that a British official was wearing medals of a different era.” Hoey said. Hoey.

“It was set during the First World War, but the medals worn by the soldier did not appear until after during the Second World War,” stated Hoey. Hoey, pointing out the error.

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