Prince Hwaui -Biography, Age, Career and life facts

Prince Hwaui (5 september 1425 – 1460)  personal name Yi Yeong (이영), was an imperialprince of the Joseon dynasty.He was the sixth son of Sejong the Great and younger brother of Munjong of Joseon and Sejo o Joseon.

Prince Hwaui

Yi Yeong was born on 5 september 1425 as the sixth son King Sejong with his concubine, Royal Noble Consort Yeong of the Jinju Kang clan.

In january 1433, he was granted the title of Prince Hwaui .In the 2Oth year of King Sejong (1438), he entered Sungkyunkwan. On October 8 of the same year, he married Lady Park, daughter of Park Jungson (박중손), as his princess consort.

In 1441, he conspired with his halfbrother, Grand Prince Imyeong, to bring bring a civilian woman into the palace in men’s clothes.

He was impeached and exiled several times for participating in the movement against Prince Suyang to restore King Danjong.

After that, all property, including slaves and fields, wers confiscated, and the children were demoted to the lowly status.His family was exiled in exile for nearly 30 years. His family was exiled in exile for nearly 30 years.

He was released during the reign of King Seongjong, but was reinstated during the reign of King Jungjong .

  • Mother: Royal Noble Consort Yeong of the Jinju Kang clan (영빈 강씨)
    • Grandfather: Kang Seokdeok (강석덕)
    • Grandmother: Lady Sim of the Cheongseong Sim
  • Spouse:
    • Royal Princess Consort, of the Miryang Park clan ( 군부인 밀양 박씨), daughter of Park Jungson (박중손)
      • Yi Won, Prince Yeonheung (이원 여흥군), first son
      • Yi Beon, Prince Yeoseong (이번 여성군), second son
      • Yi Sik (이식), third son
    • Concubine: Unknown
      • Yi Geonlidong (이건리동), fourth son
    • Concubine: Nae Eungeom (내은금)
      • Yi Sudal (이수달), fifth son
    • Concubine: Lady Gam (감씨), daughter of Gam Ji (감지)
      • Yi Paengsu (이팽수), sixth son
    • Concubine: Unknown Slave

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