Peter Dinklage Reveals His favorite Moments’ From Game Of Thrones

Peter Dinklage, who took part of Tyrion Lannister’s HBO drama Game of Thrones, spoke about his favorite moments in the show.

The actor Peter Dinklage, who played the character of Tyrion Lannister in the cult HBO series Game of Thrones revealed his most ‘favorite moments of the series.


The most memorable moment for the actor is, however, one that was the subject of some criticism, and viewers who watched the series were unhappy with the final episode of the show. The actor said during an interview with People that his favorite scene during the episode was the one in which Dragon destroyed the throne.

Peter Dinklage reaveals his favorite scenes of Game of Thrones

The actor said in his interview, that among his “favorite moments’ in the series was the time when Dragon destroyed the throne. The reason he chose to answer this question is that it’s “kind of awesome’ since it ended the discussion and debate about who would eventually take their throne. He also praised the writers of the show and noted that they consistently delivered above and above what viewers were expecting.

Peter Dinklage; Image credit. Men’s health

When asked about the debate over who would take the throne, Dinklage said that people would walk by him in public and ask him to guess who is the best person to take the throne. However, Dinklage stated that he would often wonder what the primary concern of the public was because the show was much more than this.

The actor also addressed the discontent of viewers regarding the conclusion of the show and stated that they expected ‘the beautiful white cast to sail out to the sunset’.

The actor also said that the production was actually a piece of fiction and told the viewers to “move on”. He also said that the best part of the series is it subverts what you believe and that’s the thing he likes about the show. He continued to praise the creators, stating that Game of Thrones was focused on ‘breaking old beliefs that villains turned into the heroes and villains turned into villains’.

He also said that he thought that fans were upset about the final episode of the series due to the fact that they were angry at us for breaking to them’.

The show was inspired by George R.R. Martin’s novels of fantasy and is now preparing for a spin-off, titled House of the Dragon. Game of Thrones also featured stars such as Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, and many others in key roles.