As the officer attempted to disperse a family disturbance, an Arvada police officer was murdered early on Sunday morning after a gunfight with a suspect, according to Arvada police chief Link Strate.

What was Dillon Michael Vakoff cause of death?

Dillon Michael Vakoff, 27, was the cop who passed away, Strate announced at a morning press conference. At 1:41 in the morning, Vakoff and a different officer went to a report of a “big family disturbance” in the 6700 block of West 51st Avenue, according to Strate.

He claimed that when the two officers arrived, they discovered a “chaotic scene” in the street with many individuals present.

The officers were attempting to separate “belligerent and uncooperative” people in the street when the suspect began shooting. The suspect shot a woman, at which point the two officers returned fire.

The suspect, whose identity has not yet been made public, then shot Vakoff, according to Strate.

The CEO issued a warning, noting that the probe is still in its early stages and that the data is tentative.

The second officer made an effort to assist Vakoff, who was transferred to a hospital and later passed away.

Additionally shot, the suspect was taken to the hospital. Both the victim and the suspect are anticipated to live, according to Strate. According to him, the suspect was still hospitalized and in police custody on Sunday.

Strate stated that it is unclear how the woman was connected to the disturbance.

Vakoff previously worked for six years in the United States before joining the Arvada Police Department in 2019. Staff sergeant in the Air Force, according to Strate. He was going through his SWAT officer training.

Dillon, in Strate’s words, “is a model of everything that is good about a police officer.”


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