NTC Withdraws Portfolio Assessment for 2020 Newly Qualified Teachers


NTC Withdraws Portfolio Assessment

As expected by all newly trained teachers in Ghana, the National Teaching council has successfully suspended portfolio assessment for newly trained teachers doing their National service.

NTC Withdraws Portfolio Assessment

After the initiative by NTC to assess the portfolio of Newly trained teachers doing National service, Ttag presented numerous agitations by the newly trained teachers to NTC. Several prudent concerns were raised by the leadership of Newly trained teachers via Ttag.

Reasons Why NTC Withdraws Portfolio Assessment

One main concern raised by Newly trained teachers was the timing of the assessment, portfolio development should start right from starting the services, how can the portfolio be prepared for two months to finish the services.

After a heated meeting between Ttag and NTC, NTC saw it prudent to withdraw the assessment and rather prepare the brain of current teacher trainees doing their attachments in basic schools so they can prepare for the portfolio assessment.