NTC Licensure Exams Remarking

Here is a complete guide to NTC Licensure Exams Remarking, Read carefully before you make the decision of calling for a remark.

Procedure for NTC Licensure Exams Remarking;

1. The candidate must write an official letter to the Registrar of NTC requesting for remarking of the script(s)

2. The candidate must state categorically the subject areas he/she wants to be remarked on.

3. The Candidate must add all the necessary documents such as examination centre, NTC Index Number, copy of the results printed among others.


Dr. Christian Addai Poku again said the cost of requesting remarking is six hundred Ghana cedis (GH¢600.00).

According to him, the said amount must be paid into the National Teaching Council (NTC) account as remarking fee.

Eligibility For NTC Exams Remarking

The Registrar noted that, any candidate who sat for the Licensure Examination and feels he or she has been cheated can challenge their results by applying for remarking.


Dr. Christian Addai Poku noted that, the National Teaching Council will do open remarking where the answer booklet of the applicant will be juxtaposed to the marking scheme in the applicant’s presence.

The Registrar again disclosed that, the council will invite the leadership of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) and any organization or institution or association who shows interest in the subject matter to witness the remarking for any applicant.

It was appealed to the Registrar for the victims to be given the opportunity to redeem themselves before the portal of GES will be opened for recruitment. The Registrar assured the delegation that they are working to open the portal in the middle of this Month(August) for the victims to redeem themselves.

The leadership of TTAG assures all newly trained teachers who are victims to keep them updated on any news that may erupt on the matter. On this note, we urge you to prepare well as we continue to engage NTC for the portal to be opened.

For further information, you can contact the National Teaching Council (NTC) through the following mediums.

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.nte.gov.gh

Telephone: 0552828853

Office Location: Education Close Street, Opposite University of Ghana City Campus, Adabraka

Digital Address: GA0765923, Education Close, Accra

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