Guide to fix NSS certificate related Problems

NSS Certificate Related Problems

With a month left to end your national service, the national service secretariat will send you your annual evaluation form, once this form appears on your dashboard, you are expected to have your institution authority fill the form for you.

Once your form is filled, submit it to your district office and wait for evaluation.

A few days after your form got evaluated, your certificate will be underway, you will receive a mail-in email attached to your NSS account.

Once you receive this mail, you can cross-check your biodata and input your digital address to receive your hard copy certificate whiles your soft copy certificate is sent to your email in PDF format.

NSS Certificate Related Problems

Now, Some NSS personal over the years complained bitterly about not receiving their certificate on time

in this article, we present to you some causes of issues regarding problems with NSS certificates.

1. Biodata errors

In some instances, personel received the softcopy of the certificate but are unable to decrypt the PDF file,

To unlock the softcopy certificate sent to you by NSS, your password is your date of birth + the first for letters of your surname. example, yymmddMENS thus if your surname is Mensah. remember to type the surname letters in caps.

Some personels made errors with their date of births during their registration for the NSS, such persons will have difficulty unlocking their soft copy certificates

2. Another problem is related to Digital addresses

You will have to enter your digital address to receive your certificate, some digital addresses give wrong locations, with such issues visit your district office for guidance.

3. Instances where annual evaluation forms do not appear

In most cases these issues are technical, we advise you to visit your district office to get it resolved.

All other issues should be reported to the district office so they get resolved

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