How to Request NovDec Certificate

Request NovDec Certificate Online

WAEC is one of the important educational institutions inWest Africa.  Pursuing higher education in Ghana will require one to write the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, WASSCE.

This is administered to school candidates in the third year of their West African Senior School courses and to Private Candidates.

Request NovDec Certificate Online

Private Candidates who apply for their NovDec WAEC certificate online will have the certificates dispatched to the WAEC Office of their choice for collection. The certificates for private candidates will be printed only on request and should be collected within 48 hours.

Requirements/Documents Needed To Apply for NovDec WAEC Certificate

Here are the things needed to apply for Novdec certificates,

To apply for the certificate, a private candidate must visit the WAEC result attestation portal or click here to access the portal. After clicking on the link it would take the applicant to a page where  the applicant will be required to provide the following: Here is the link

  1. Your Name (in full as used in the examination)
  2. The Name, Month and Year of Examination
  3. Your Index Number
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Telephone Number
  6. Email Address (Should be active)
  7. Candidates will be required to produce a valid identification document when collecting their certificates.

Candidates who live outside Ghana may collect their certificates by proxy. The proxy must produce a valid national identification card.

This service is absolutely free as the candidates are not required by WAEC to pay to apply for their Nov/Dec WAEC certificate online. However, in case a certificate is misplaced or destroyed, the affected candidate may request the confirmation of his/her results to any institution for a fee.

The statement of result will be dispatched directly to the receiving institution anywhere in the world.This service is indeed efficient for private candidates to apply for their Nov/ Dec WAEC certificate online.
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  1. Adomako Prince says

    I sent my printed invoice and novdec certificate request form yesterday at ADB yesterday.
    Can I go to the nearest waec office for my certificate anytime???

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