Nicholas Letney: Who is he? A White Supremacist Flashes the Nazi Salute and Says, “Jews Got What they Deserve.” at the Airport, 


Nicholas Letney, a white supremacist was photographed giving the Nazi salute and shouting “sieg hail!” and “heil HilterIn in Seattle Airport’s boarding area, !” Airport security detained Nicholas Letney, age 31, after he yelled offensive and racially charged words. When Letney’s American Airlines flight to Dallas was boarding out of gate D10, the incident was captured on camera.

The gas chamber is where you go. As people boarded the aircraft, Letney yelled. He pointed off-screen and remarked, “The Jews got what they deserved. “You’re a f***ing alien. An alien and a reptilian.” Even after being placed on the ground and placed in handcuffs by Port of Seattle Police officers, he kept shouting.

“You ever heard of the First Amendment?” As the police were arresting him, Letney yelled at them. “You violated that ’cause I’m a Nazi.” It’s unclear what led to Letney’s outburst.

However, a travel blogger observed how the flight crew loaded the last passengers in boarding group 8 at the time of the peculiar incident. According to Gary Leff of View From The Wing, “Either he was on a basic economy fare, or triggered by needing to gate check his carry on,” Gary Leff from View From The Wing wrote this.

It appears that Nicholas Letney has a number of social media profiles. He has a history of making posts supporting Hitler as well as antisemitic statements. He describes himself as a “Self Employed writer/Author” on his Facebook page. Both Auburn Riverside High School and Bonney Lake High School were attended by him.

Who is Nicholas Letney?

“The Hollywood-created notion that they are white nationalists, with Lincoln as Hitler’s preferred president, gave rise to the Aryan brotherhood. Hitler ‘Hitler had in him the stuff of which legends are made’ John F Kennedy also had a girlfriend that had met Adolf Hitler. ” He wrote in March 2021.

 “The Nazis actually weren’t racist. Hitler never used the term “ayrans”. He actually used the the term the “German people ” He did in fact refer to the “German people.” No Somalians were ever slaughtered in the Somalia that Mussolini ruled. Since the Japanese were Asian and primarily sought to rule western Russia,


 Hitler allied with them. He also had a Middle Eastern-ethnic Waffen SS regiment that was entirely Muslim. Getuillo Vargas, the ruler of Brazil and member of the Portuguese ethnic group, deported some German Jewish communists home “In a previous post from last year, he stated.

“No Jews were killed in 1930’s Germany in fact every single Jewish person had a job. Hitler employed socialism to reduce unemployment in Germany, which had 500,000 Jews, to 0.5%!” It says in one of his posts dated January 2021.

Nicholas Letney’s Book

Nicholas Edward Letney’s History of the World is a book that Letney also authored. The book is described as “the most dense history of the globe ever” on You can learn more from this book than a Harvard PHD in History by reading it ten times. I have read 210 history books, which I have condensed into one book. I have read 210 history books since 2013.

To view the books I read, please see the Notes. I needed evidence that I had read the books. For years, I would read for eight hours each day. The book’s size was comparable to Profiles in Courage, but it was superior to that one.

It’s like a college textbook—all the facts from the 210 history books I studied, paraphrased—no filler, analysis, or political discourse. The book only briefly discussed the Nazis in its final three pages; otherwise, it was largely about ancient Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages, and the Age of Enlightenment.

This is volume 1, and volume 2 will contain my doctoral dissertation. However, a college textbook has hundreds of facts, whereas a 500 page book from Yale may only have 10 facts (500 page books from Yale are obviously fine; I am not disparaging them). It resembled a college textbook more.


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