Net Worth of Nick Paton Walsh at CNN International


The net worth of Nick Paton Walsh at CNN International is substantial, considering his role as senior international correspondent for the news network. He has worked in a variety of capacities over the past several years, including serving as the CNN Beirut Correspondent and the CNN Kabul Correspondent. He has also served as the Asia correspondent for Channel Four News and the Moscow correspondent for The Guardian newspaper. A native of Guildford, England, Paton Walsh has earned a large salary and impressive networth.

The BBC and Channel Four News also have high-profile news correspondents, such as Nigel Hawthorn and James Foley. The team of reporters in Sri Lanka in 2009, titled “The End of the War”, reported on allegations of sexual abuse in a refugee camp. In the end, the war was over, but not before Paton Walsh had reported on allegations of sexual abuse in the camps.


In April 2009, Walsh was part of a Channel Four News team in Sri Lanka to report on allegations of sexual abuse in a war-torn nation. He was part of the team that secretly filmed inside the Tamil civilian camps. He also covered the end of the war in the country. He has been working in the media for the last ten years. Listed as the “Senior International Correspondent” at CNN, Paton Walsh has a net worth of $80 Million.

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