Natalie Nootenboom Nationality


Natalie Nootenboom, a 16-year-old plus-size model, was the first to walk for designer Anna Sui during the most recent edition of New York Fashion Week.

A sweet victory for all the models who want to challenge traditional beauty standards.


However, he recently stated that this has proven to be a double challenge because he is plus-size and of Asian descent, both of which are underrepresented in the industry.

“Asian women are known for their petite and slim bodies. I was taller, heavier, and just different in every way.


It was the polar opposite of what people expected, so I’d like to use this platform to remind people that we’re all unique. We can’t keep making molds and expecting everyone to fit.”

Even on the day of her debut, the new model on the rise – who was discovered thanks to Instagram – said she was mistaken for an assistant minutes before the parade.

Although she laughed it off, it served as a reminder that the beauty revolution has a long way to go.

Fortunately, the industry is working hard to diversify and become more inclusive.

Natalie Nootenboom Nationality

Despite being born in New Jersey, Nootenboom frequently traveled to Japan to visit her mother’s family,

where she claims she was encouraged to tone down her outspokenness and present herself in a more “traditional voice.”

“People didn’t understand me growing up,” she says. “In Japan, you’re taught to keep your emotions to yourself and not to express them.”

“That wasn’t me,” she declares emphatically. “You’re the polar opposite of me.”

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