Myles Sanderson Cause of death: The second suspect in Canada mass stabbing dies

Myles Sanderson experienced “medical stress” upon his detention, according to The Guardian, and was brought to a hospital where he passed away, Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police stated at a press conference on September 7th. Blackmore remained silent regarding Myles’s cause of death, though.

Myles Sanderson Cause of death

Sanderson suffered self-inflicted wounds and died soon after being arrested by police who searched his stolen car.

According to authorities, Sanderson departed at a speed of 93 mph (150 km/h). As they were arresting him, the policemen forced his SUV into a ditch and discovered a knife inside.

Myles Sanderson’s brother Damien Sanderson, another suspect, was discovered dead on Monday, September 5. On September 7, shortly after an emergency alert was out regarding a man with a knife driving a stolen white Chevy Avalanche through Wakaw, Saskatchewan, Sanderson was arrested.

Myles Sanderson, 30, was arrested in Rosthern, Saskatchewan, on Wednesday

He was the only suspect remaining at large after his brother was found dead

Police say the two brothers killed 10 in a grisly stabbing spree on Sunday 

Sanderson was arrested after reports of a man with a knife in a stolen truck

He was taken into custody about 80 miles from the scenes of the stabbings

Police had launched a massive manhunt across the sprawling province 

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