Money Gang Vontae Cause Of Death: LA Drill Rapper Shot Dead

Money Gang Vontae, a rapper from New York, was killed in a horrific gang shooting seen on camera.

The frightening footage captures the moment a LA rapper was killed and murdered in broad daylight inside a Bronx pharmacy by four men attempting to steal his gold chain.


The males attack Frowner on East Tremont Avenue at 3.45 p.m. on Thursday before one of them shoots and kills him.

Frowner’s father, Roger, 56, told the New York Post his son’s murderers “don’t need to be on the streets no more – ever!”.


He said: “If they kill somebody in broad daylight, inside of a store, they are treacherous.

“They made a mistake. They did the dumbest thing they could ever do in life. And I hope God will make them pay for it all.”

What was Money Gang Vontae Cause Of Death?

A gang of thugs surrounded him and stole his gold chain. He was in the pharmacy at the time and attempted to flee the group.

When he attempted to flee, the goons retaliated with their weapons, shooting him and fleeing. After then, he was rushed to the hospital, which was close to the scene of the tragedy.


Who was Money Gang Vontae?

Frowner, whose stage name is Money Gang Vontae, was a drill rapper from Los Angeles who was in town for a show, according to police and his dad.

Roger said he had no idea his son was visiting the Big Apple until his brother called with the news.

“My son is gone,” Roger said. “He’s in another state, and I can’t do anything. So you know, a big-ass hole is in my heart.”

The disturbing clip shows Frowner being dragged into a store by a gang of thugs who beat him to the ground and shot him.

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