MOF Gives GES Financial clearance To Recruit Newly Trained Teachers

Financial clearance in the Ghanaian space simply means financial allocation to enable a certain group of trained personnel to join the civil service and be placed on the government payroll.

A ministry must secure financial clearance before recruiting new staff, in Ghana the ministry of finance is mandated to carry out all financial clearance services.

MOF Gives GES Financial Clearance To Recruit Newly Trained Teachers

GES Financial clearance for newly trained teachers

Since graduating from college in 2020 and undergoing their 1year mandatory national service, newly trained teachers from the colleges of education are expectant of recruitment.

Financial clearance for teachers is given based on the number of teachers to be recruited in the academic year.

This recruitment from the ministry of finance under the government of Ghana is given every year to consolidate the limited number of diploma and graduate teachers in the classroom.

With the next academic year beginning in January 2022, one would have expected that the ministry of finance gives GES the financial clearance to start recruitment,  however, trained teachers are encouraged to make all their documents ready and wait for their recruitment.

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