Moana Live-Action Remake Announcement: Everything to Know

After Dwayne Johnson announced the movie, fans have been hoping to learn more about the Moana Live-Action Remake release date. This is huge news for all the Disney movie fans who love to watch the live-action version of their favorite movies from the franchise. Previously, we’ve seen remakes of princesses movies like Cinderella, Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast. Getting a Moana movie would be another cherry on top.

The news was revealed to the media and fans again on April 3 by Dwayne Johnson. He was live at the Disney shareholder meeting in history. While discussing his experiences, the actor shared that they are going to bring Moana to real life with a remake. The story will be shown on the big screen again, but in a different format.

Also, The Rock talked about how he and Disney got involved with the project and brought it to life. The story will be told through music and dance. Dwayne talked about how the new project will best reflect the culture of the Polynesian people. He made all these announcements through his official Twitter account.

Moana Live-Action Release Date and Announcement
Screenshot from the animated movie Moana

Dwayne Johnson announces Moana live-action remake

Moana was released by Disney Studios in 2016, and it became a hit for the production. It has grossed over $680 million at the worldwide box office. With this announcement made by Dwayne Johnson, it’s clear that he will also be starring in the movie as himself. Nothing else has been confirmed about the rest of the cast or who will play the titular Moana herself.

It was Auli’i Cravalho who voiced her character in the animated film. Given that we can already expect Dwayne to take on the role of Maui just like he did in the animated movie, we may see Auli’i, but the creators haven’t confirmed anything about her yet.

The actor talked about the same project he’s going to be involved with with Disney, and talked about how this is a really good moment for him, and he’s humbled and generous by the news. He is particularly proud of the fact that the film will depict the real culture he belongs to.

The Rock is excited to show people how they are agile and strong warriors with a lot of strength inside of them. It was also revealed that Maui’s character in the films was inspired by the mana and spirit of his late grandfather, Supreme Commander Peter Maivia. The Rock expressed his gratitude through a social media post on his Twitter account.

Moana Live-Action Remake Release Date

Disney has yet to announce a release date for the Moana Live-Action Remake. Although we can expect the same thing to happen anytime in 2024 or 2025. If production runs smoothly and every process goes well, and we’re lucky, the movie could be released as early as spring 2024.

The film’s plot is set on a Polynesian island called Motonui. The people who live here worship Te Fiti, the goddess of nature. The story tells of the Ponamu Stone, which was used by the Goddess all those years ago to bring life back to the ocean. It was the way she was driving her power.

Although here comes Maui. He is a trickster and a demigod who was able to steal this heart to give humans the power of creation as well. Maii is a demigod who can also change shape with ease. The story begins when Te Fiti loses all her powers because she no longer has the stone. As for Maui, who had the stone, he was attacked by Te Ka, the antagonist in this story.

It’s the volcanic devil who lives on the beach and removes stone from Maui. We understand that Maui lost the stone himself along with his giant magic fish hook which he has now lost in the sea. The story begins a thousand years later when Moana was born. The ocean chose her to return the heart to Te Fiti so that everything would fall back into place. Seeing the actors work with ocean themes in the live-action movie would be interesting.

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