Michelle Kosinski Net Worth and Career


As a multiple award-winning journalist, Michelle Kosinski is a popular face on CNN. She is active in her career as a senior diplomatic correspondent covering the State Department and the White House. She has also done numerous interviews regarding her personal life and career. Here, we will take a look at her net worth and career. Let’s see if it is comparable to what you might expect.

Michelle Kosinski is an American journalist. She was born in Willingboro, New Jersey. She is 47 years old. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches and she weighs 136 pounds. She wears a shoe size of 7 and a dress size of 5. She is married to Kimbell Duncan and has two children with him. Her net worth is unknown, but it is believed to be around $10 million.


Her net worth is estimated to be at $5.5 million. The amount of money that Kosinski makes from her job is not publically disclosed. Rather, it is calculated based on her salary and other assets. This is her total net worth as of March 2018. Her salary as a CNN journalist is around $8 million. Her networth reflects her career as an excellent journalist. She has won several Emmys and has been hailed as an exceptional journalist.

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