Meet the mother of Trevor Noah: Patricia Noah 

We all know Trevor Noah to be a phenomenal stand up comedian and wonderful TV show host who has won many awards for his talent. 

But as they say, behind every successful man is a woman. The wonderful woman behind your favorite comedy show host is beautiful Patricia Noah.



Patricia Noah is the biological mother of Trevor Noah. She is a proud citizen of South Africa where she also raised all her children. 

She belongs to the Khoza tribe of South Africa, but since she has not made much about her private life public, her age, hometown and place of birth remain unknown. 


Who is Patricia Noah’s husband?

Patricia Noah is currently married to one Sfiso Khoza, also South African. Rumor has it that they had a small and intimate wedding at an undisclosed location in 2009. 

According to some sources, Patricia is said to have been married about three times, all but her current one ended in divorce. 

Patricia Noah’s children 

Patricia is a mother of three. Her other two sons go by the names Andrew Shingange and Isaac Shingange. She had Trevor Noah with her then partner Robert Noah. 

What does Patricia Noah do? 

Patricia used to work on their family farm as her means of income for several years before acquiring training to become a secretary. 


Where does Patricia Noah live now? 

Patricia Noah is believed to be living in her home country, South Africa, with her husband. The exact city in which they reside is unknown. 

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