Meet Claudia Meier Volk, American Politician and Nurse

Claudia Meier Volk was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives at the age of 26.

Her tenure included efforts to bolster the rights of women, gays, and lesbians.


She wrote a law that freed women from having to take their husbands’ last names when they got married.

Shortly after the law was passed, Meier married Martin Volk and took his last name. Claudia Volk moved to Ray, North Dakota, to live with her husband.


Meier was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives in 1975, and won her first term one day before she turned 27.

She cosponsored a bill which sought to repeal a state requirement that a bride take the last name of the groom in getting married.

Claudia Meier Husband

The bill was enacted shortly before Meier herself got married, although she chose to take her husband’s last name.

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