Meet Alejandra Fernández: Vicente Fernandez’s only daughter 

Alejandra Fernández is a well-known Mexican model, singer and fashion designer with an impressive knack for business. She is most popular as the only daughter of the legendary Mexican singer, Vincente Fernandez. 

Biography and Age 

Alejandra Fernández was born in Mexico in the year 1984. Her actual date of birth is not known. Her parents are Vincente Fernandez and his wife Maria Del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor. 

Alejandra Fernandez’s siblings 

Alejandra Fernandez is one of the four children of Vincente and Maria. She is the only daughter among three sons who go by the names Gerardo Fernandez, Alejandro Fernandez and Vincente Fernandez. 

Alejandra is however not the biological daughter of Vincente, she was adopted from his sister-in-law named Gloria Abarca Villaseñor. 

What does Alejandra Fernandez do now? 

Alejandra Fernandez is one of the Latinas making their mark in the creative industry. She works as a singer, fashion designer and a professional model. 

She also worked as a licensed intellectual property Attorney some years back. 

Is Alejandra Fernandez married? 

Alejandra was married to Mexican pianist José Luis Altamirona for two years before divorcing him in 2014 for reasons undisclosed to the media. 

Since then, she has not updated the public on her relationship status. 

Alejandra Fernandez’s children 

Alejandra Fernandez does not have any children at the time of writing. 

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