Matthew Jay Povich: Everything on Maury Povich’s Son

Matthew Jay Povich is an aspiring journalist famous for being the son of Maury Povich and his wife Connie Chung, two famous media personalities. 

He lives a rather private life away from the public eye and because of this, not much is known about him. 

How old is Matthew Jay Povich?

Matthew Jay Povich was born on June 19,1995 in the United States of America. He is 27 years old at the time of writing. 

Matthew Jay Povich’s Parents 

Matthew is the child of Maurice Povich and his lovely wife, Connie Chung. He was legally adopted by the couple but has always been treated like a biological son. 

Who is Matthew Jay Povich married to? 

Matthew Povich is not known to be married. However, his relationship status is unknown since he keeps that part of his life very private. 

Matthew Jay Povich’s Net Worth 

Matthew is said to be a hardworking and successful man but his net worth has not yet been estimated. 

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