Mary Wilson – Who is She?

At the end of the first season, Annie and Eric allowed Mary and Wilson to date on a trial basis. In the second season, they started dating full time. They kiss in the living room, but then Wilson gets uncomfortable with Mary’s closeness and dumps her.

After their breakup, Wilson and Mary began dating again. In season two, they broke up again. In season five, they got back together. Mary and Wilson went on a date and became close. In season six, Mary realizes that she is dating Wilson. The two are now living together and hope to adopt a child together.

Mary Wilson was born in rural Mississippi in 1944. Her parents were Sam Wilson, a butcher and Johnnie Mae, a drifter. Her father had served time in jail, although it’s unclear how long he stayed. After Mary was born, her parents moved to St. Louis where they were exposed to hot music, loose women, and a severe lack of legitimate employment.

The two met in elementary school. They performed together in a talent show, and later in high school, Wilson joined the Primettes, which later became the Supremes. At the time of her death, Wilson was promoting her new book “Supreme Glamour,” which highlights the fashions of the Supremes. The book also details the journey of the group of Detroit teens, who first hit the scene in 1964, when they started touring with MoTown stars.

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