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Todd Chrisley’s ex-gay partner, Mark Braddock, turned on his old snitch to the FBI about the reality star’s tax and wire fraud.Todd Chrisley, a reality personality and entrepreneur, was having an affair with his business partner Mark Braddock.

According to a court document, Mark allegedly assisted him in committing fraud before reporting him to the cops when their relationship ended.

They allegedly moved in together in the early 2000s. They married afterwards, and Julie Chrisley became his wife.

Mark reported the Chrisleys to the IRS for tax fraud and told the jury that he didn’t want to talk about his affair. He had to notify his own wife about his affair before testifying about the tax scam.

Mark and Todd were later blackmailed via text messages by an anonymous source. They threatened the two by disclosing information about the fraud and their connection.

“Pay cash and we’ll shut up,” the claimed texts said. Before meeting Todd in a parking garage, the blackmailer collected $38,000, which Mark took from the bank in four $9,500 instalments.

Mark Braddock Photo