Margot Robbie Husband: Who is Tom Ackerley?

Margot Robbie is an Australian actress who has gained international fame for her roles in films such as “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “Suicide Squad,” and “I, Tonya.”

Despite her fame and success, Robbie has managed to keep much of her personal life private, including her relationship with her husband.

Who is Margot Robbie Husband?

According to public records, Margot Robbie married Tom Ackerley, a British assistant director, in a private ceremony in 2016.

The couple had been together for several years before tying the knot, and they have managed to keep a low profile in the public eye.

Margot Robbie Husband

Tom Ackerley is not a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, but he has worked on several high-profile films and TV shows as an assistant director.

He has credits on projects such as “The Imitation Game,” “Pride,” and “Black Mirror.” Ackerley and Robbie met on the set of the 2013 film “Suite Française,” where he was working as an assistant director and she had a small role.

Despite their busy schedules, Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley have managed to maintain a strong relationship.

In interviews, Robbie has spoken about the importance of making time for each other, even when they are working on different projects.

She has also credited Ackerley with helping her navigate the Hollywood industry and supporting her career.

In addition to their work in the entertainment industry, Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley are also known for their philanthropy.

The couple has supported various charities and causes, including mental health awareness and animal welfare.

Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley currently reside in Los Angeles, but they often spend time in their native Australia.

They have a reputation for being private individuals, and they have rarely spoken about their relationship in the media.

However, they have been spotted together at various events and have shared a few sweet moments on social media, giving fans a glimpse into their relationship.

Overall, Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley seem to be a happy and successful couple. Despite the challenges of maintaining a relationship in the public eye, they have managed to support each other and build a strong partnership.

Their relationship is a testament to the power of love and commitment, even in the fast-paced and often-stressful world of show business.

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