Manu Raju Biography


If you haven’t heard of Manu Raju, you should learn more about his life and career. He is a famous American journalist who currently serves as the Chief Congressional Correspondent for CNN. He covers United States politics and the U.S. Congress. Before joining CNN, he covered the campaign and Congress for Politico. He also worked for several D.C. news organizations. Read on to learn more about his biography and career.

He began his career at NBC-15 in Madison, Wisconsin, before joining Inside Washington Publishers. After that, he worked for Congressional Quarterly, The Hill Newspaper, and politico. After working for several news outlets, he joined CNN in September 2015. He has since made a name for himself with his tough interviews of congress leaders. He broke the news about impeaching Trump when Speaker Nancy Pelosi got testy. He was also present when the U.S. Capitol was attacked.


He has been awarded numerous times for his work. In 2016, he broke the story about Tom Price’s unethical stock trades, resulting in CNN dropping a story on the Trump campaign’s access to WikiLeaks. In addition, he has received numerous awards for sharp interviews, including the prestigious James Madison Award. In addition to his work in media, Raju is a native of Chicago, Illinois, where his family hails.

He has an interesting and informative biography. The first section of this article outlines his early years in journalism, and continues to highlight his successes. His parents came from India, and their parents immigrated to the United States in the 1970s. Today, his children live in Illinois. While he has massive wealth, he has chosen to lead a modest life. He has two daughters and a son who is currently living in Los Angeles.


The second section of his Manu Raju Biography is a detailed list of his professional accomplishments. He is a senior Congressional Correspondent for CNN and has previously been a Senior Capitol Hill correspondent for Politico. In addition to his work for CNN, he also has a job at His primary focus is on coverage of the United States Congress and campaign politics. He holds an American citizenship and lives in Downers Grove, Illinois.

During the 2016 presidential election, Manu Raju was the CNN’s lead political reporter for Marco Rubio. The story about the senator’s relationship with WikiLeaks is part of his biography. The other part of his life involves his marriage to Archana Mehta, a marketing executive. In addition to being married to Archana, he is a father to two children. He has one daughter with his wife, Archana.

While his wife is an entrepreneur, he also has a background in journalism. His mother was a journalist in the United States for over a decade. She was the chief political reporter for the Republican Party in the past, and she is now a television anchor. His mother is a former journalist. She is a member of the National Press Club, a nonpartisan organization. A woman who is passionate about business is a better businessman than a politician.

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