Man’s Road Crash Videos Goes Viral

A viral video has sparked new questions about the safety of a Seattle junction. One individual has spent years documenting crashes on Union Street, the I-5 southbound off-ramp.



Michael Basconcillo claims he’s lived at the 7th and Union intersection for 20 years and has grown tired of the continual screaming of tires and loud noises outside his door.

He’d often rush outdoors to find the wreckage: a car and its driver on the side of the road.



Basconcillo chose to install a camera at the intersection to chronicle the problem of people departing I-5 too quickly near the Convention Center’s southbound exit. He’d catch a spectacular crash every now and then and put together a montage illustrating the situation.


He claims it was posted online this week and received thousands of views.


“I got a text from two pals yesterday morning saying you’re famous and your video is on Reddit, and I was like, what is Reddit?” Basconcillo remarked, laughing.


However, he claims that the problem is not a laughing matter, estimating that a crash occurs four to six times a year. “They see a 20-mph exit sign, but that means nothing to them.”


The tire marks and scraped pavement are common at the location, which is technically a city street connecting to a state highway, according to SDOT and WSDOT data.


The Washington State Department of Transportation says it is aware of the problem and has been making modifications since 2019, including adding and changing signage urging drivers to slow down to 20 miles per hour on the sharp turn.


However, Basconcillo believes that the agencies should do more, such as adding divots or bumps to the road to increase vibration and induce people to brake.


He explained, “It would wake someone up, attract their attention, and get them to calm down.”