Manifesto 2021: NABCO Trainees To Receive Permanent Employment If NDC Wins-See Full Details



Unemployment situation gained impelled force and strength as a result of poor system of governance since the inception of Ghana Independence .It is in spades that the poor standard of living of preeminent graduates in Ghana is as a result of lack of meaningful and sustainable jobs after graduating from university . It is crystal clear that introduction of an ad-hoc job policies such as Youth employment Agency and Nation Builders Corps NABCO is not the apotheosis counterpoision to ameliorate graduates unemployment issues in Ghana .


More importantly , NABCO scheme is beyond doubt or reproach initiative but has been managed willy -nilly to turn aside and way away from an initial or intended course it was established for by the NPP government which operationally hasn’t been the best solution for addressing the graduates unemployment situation in Ghana .

Honestly speaking , graduates unemployment situation in Ghana is not as a result of lack of skills and experiences as indicated as the main brain behind the establishment of NABCO scheme . Graduates do go through mandatory national service after university which unmask graduates to the practicality of the job field and guarantee them to be employed permanently in any organization after the national service . It is not capable of being measured for depth for well groomed graduates to be assigned to three year ad-hoc intervention of which securing permanent job after the three year contract is uncertain while a colleague graduates are equally employed permanently for the same services but paid elephantine salaries .


NABCO Trainees To Receive Permanent Employment If NDC Wins

 NABCO Trainees To Receive Permanent Employment If NDC Wins
NABCO Trainees To Receive Permanent Employment If NDC Wins

Confidently ,I will use this medium to admonish all NABCO trainees to take this years election as an opportunity to exercise their vote wisely for any political party that will conceive of without doubt to absorb them into permanency. Vote for your future and not necessarily genetic factor voting . Your hard work and sacrifices in the various agencies posted to for the past two years with poor condition of services qualify you to be maintained as permanent staff to appreciate your spirit of patriotism.

I personally congratulates NDC and John Dramani Mahama for stating it prominently and confidently to make all NABCO Trainees permanent in their next administration to reflect the Agenda one million jobs policy, even though the scheme was not established during their tunure . This shows maturity and how governance is continue .

Finally , NABCO trainees ,don’t vote simply because of Gh 700 .00 which exempt SSNIT contributions . To be comfortable in life partly rely on gaining sustainable jobs, not an Ad-hoc job which is futureless and uncertain .

Vote wisely NABCO Trainees .

Concern Ghanaian

Yaw Ofori
Ashanti Region

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