Mai Rodriguez – CNN Philippines Net Worth in 2016


In addition to her work as a news anchor for CNN Philippines, Mai Rodriguez is also a producer for Newsroom Weekend. The two shows are produced by the same network. However, the two have different personalities and have slightly different net worths. The former is based in the United States and has been in the journalism industry for several years. The latter has made more money than the former, and is widely known for her work on the news channel.

In 2016, Mai Rodriguez’s Net worth has grown significantly. As an anchor of CNN Philippines’ Newsroom Weekend and Connect segments, she has also earned a substantial amount of money. Her networth is estimated at P200 million, which is quite high for someone in the television industry. Moreover, she has various affiliations including Talk TV, Solar News Channel, and 9TV. Her networth is a result of her work as a news reporter for CNN Philippines.


In 2015, Mai Rodriguez earned an award for “Outstanding Contribution to Philippine News” for her work as a correspondent. This was the first time she was a CNN personality to win this award. She also has a special mention for her work on PiliPinas Debates 2016. In addition to her reporting on the news, Mai Rodriguez has several other jobs, including hosting a variety of talk shows, as well as producing news stories.

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