Madison Cawthorn Stephen Smith Video

Madison Cawthorn has admitted that a recently released video of him naked and doing activities with a man in bed is genuine, but claims it is part of a “organized campaign” to discredit him and end his political career.


In an almost eight-minute video posted Wednesday, the freshman congressman from North Carolina addressed this and other humiliating photos. He is heard openly addressing the “outlandish” allegations floating around images of him posing in lingerie and being groped on the groin by an aide that were just leaked.

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In the video, Cawthorn says, “I’ve really never seen the swamp conduct such an organized campaign against any individual politics save for [previous President] Donald Trump.” Even though “false news” is spreading lies about him, he believes “many of you still have questions.”

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Cawthorn confirmed the video in a tweet posted Wednesday evening, claiming he “was being vulgar with a friend, trying to be humorous.” Cawthorn called the video’s release “a new hit against” him, saying he and his friend were “being silly.”