Luchi Cruz-Valdez: Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Net Worth, TV5

Luisita “Luchi” Cruz-Valdes is a Filipino broadcast journalist who was formerly affiliated with GMA News and Public Affairs and ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs.

Cruz-Valdes was born on December 27, 1965 in the Philippines. At the moment, she serves as the head of News5 at TV5, which is the channel’s news and public affairs division.

Luchi Cruz-Valdez Husband

She is the mother of three children and has been married to Lito Valdes, who works in IT marketing.

When the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) established its Manila office in 1986 for the “Snap Presidential Election,” Cruz-Valdes was already working for the company as a field correspondent.

Luchi Cruz-Valdez Net Worth

It is estimated that Luchi Cruz-Valdez has a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million. The majority of her riches is due to the accomplishments she has had during her career in journalism.

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