Lou Waters Biography


If you are looking for a career in journalism, you should read this Lou Waters Biography. CNN is an American cable news channel that began in the summer of 1980 and Waters was one of the first anchors. She was a CNN anchor until September 2001. In all, she has been in the business of journalism for nearly four decades. She is a well-known, well-respected figure in the industry.

When CNN first started airing in the summer of 1980, Lou Waters was one of its first anchors. She was a staple on the network for almost three decades, hosting CNN Today and co-hosting CNN Early Prime. She also hosted special editions and a series on aging in American society. In the early 1960s, she was the number-one disc jockey in the Twin Cities. She was a pioneer of broadcast journalism and the first African-American to co-anchor a major news network.


In the early 70s, Waters became a CNN anchor and worked there for nearly three years. She was in Tucson when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded. In 1989, she was in the anchor chair when a devastating earthquake hit San Francisco. She began covering the tense hours in her Atlanta headquarters, and when the quake struck, she was the first anchor to land in the Bay area. She continued reporting from the streets of the city.

While working on the west coast, Waters also became a news director. In Arizona, she covered the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster and a plane crash. She was also the anchor of CNN’s coverage of the Earthquake of 1989. She began the earthquake coverage from her station in Atlanta and later landed on the Bay Area’s shores. As a result of the quake, she was able to cover the story from the streets of San Francisco.


After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Lou Waters began working for CNN in 1980. Her tenure at the network lasted nearly 40 years and included stints at various radio stations. She was a number one disc jockey in the Twin Cities during the early 1960s. At the age of 26, Lou Waters became CNN’s number one anchor in August 2000. She was named a CNN star in November 2001. In a CNN biographical sketch, you can find out more about her career and achievements.

While many media outlets are eager to cover the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, Waters’ work is not limited to news reporting. She’s a CNN anchor and has also worked in other mediums. She was born in Minneapolis and studied architecture at the University of Minnesota. She then broke into radio as an announcer and later became a successful disc jockey in the Twin Cities. The quake even landed her on the streets of San Francisco, which helped her earn many awards.

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