Legon Admission, Requirements, Fees, Calender and Exams

Legon, University of Ghana remains one of the most loved and populated university in Ghana.

Legon Admission, Requirements, Fees, Calender and Exams

In this article, we shared in-depth details on Legon Admission, Requirements, Fees, Calender and Exams.

Legon Admission

Legon admits fresh student yearly, all forms of student apply and qualified applicants get shortlisted. Legon admission portal is available for undergraduate admisson application, Postgraduate admission application, Top admissions etc.

Legon Admission Requirements

To gain admission in to University of Legon, Here are legon University admission requirements you must meet.

A1 to C6 is the minimum requirement for fresh undergraduate students. Undergraduates may have to meet the legon cut-off points for individual programs.

Postgraduate, Mature students and Top-up admission at the University of Legon require applicants to have an undergraduate diploma, degree etc to be considered for admission. Check legon admission requirements here.

Legon Fees

Lemon fees come in different forms, leg on Admissions are paid once you are given admission for any program at the University, it is also the fees you pay for level 100.

Continuing students at leg on pay annual schools fees. Hostel and utility fees are different from school fees. Check legon school fees for 2021 here

Legon 2021 Academic Calendar

Each academic year, leg on academic year start form september until the arrival of the pandemic. Lemon academic calendar consist of reopeneing dates, exams dates vacations, breaks and sporting activities. Check here for 2021 leg on academic calendar.

Legon Exams

Legon student writes end of semester exams in addition to misd semester quizez and other forms of quizez. Accurate information on leg on examination dates may be found on academic calendar.

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