Lanhee Chen Net Worth

Dr. Lanhee Chen is a political commentator on CNN, earning an average salary of $88 thousand to $96 thousand per year. She has been an advisor to former President George W. Bush, and has served as a senior advisor to the National Republican Senatorial Committee. She has been a Republican for nearly a decade and has made a name for herself in the news media. Although her net worth is not yet known, she has been active in the political and policy arena.

She has a very impressive net worth, as she has a number of different jobs. She is a senior policy analyst at CNN and also a lecturer at Stanford University, earning an average salary of $50k to $82k per year. She is also a research fellow for the David and Diane Steffy Foundation at the Hoover Institution. In addition to her many professional positions, Chen has a thriving personal life and impressive earnings.

Lanhee Chen’s net worth has grown as a result of her work as a political commentator. She has written for numerous publications and has appeared on nearly every major television network. She is an adjunct professor at Stanford University, and also serves on the Editorial Board of Salem Media Group. Her income from these various positions allows her to live a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling. Aside from her job as a political commentator, Chen is also an active member of the Editorial Board of several major news programs.