Kimberly Dozier Net Worth


During her career as a television newscaster, Dozier has earned millions of dollars. She is the anchor of World Update on BBC, an hour-long live foreign affairs broadcast. She was also the chief European correspondent for CBS Radio News and a reporter for CBS News television. While at the network, her assignments included the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the hunt for Osama bin Laden, and the death of Princess Diana. She is not the first CNN reporter to suffer from injuries sustained while serving in the military, as she has been in the service for almost a decade.

Despite her injury, Dozier continued her career in journalism. She became a contributor to The Daily Beast and CNN’s Globe Affair. While she covered conflicts in the Middle East and Europe, she also covered national security policy in Washington, DC. Her net worth is quite substantial, although she has denied any projects. She has never declined to talk about her earnings in interviews or published any articles or books. Her networth is estimated to grow by millions of dollars over the next several years.


A contributor for The Daily Beast and CNN’s Globe Affair, Dozier has been a journalist for over two decades. She has reported on a range of subjects, including the conflict in Iraq and Europe and national security policy in Washington, DC. She has an impressive net worth, and she has never denied any project. If you want to know more about Kimberly Dozier’s networth, you can read her biography online.

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