Who is Killer Mike? Ozark season 4 part 2


The second half of Ozark season 4 is now available, and many fans have already binge-watched the new episodes. Here’s a glimpse at Killer Mike, who appeared on the show in an unexpected appearance.

This season, the murder thriller starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney had an unexpected celebrity cameo. In season 4, episode 8, Killer Mike unexpectedly bumps across Julia Garner’s Ruth Langmore in a diner scene.

We examine the celebrity and the significance of his appearance on Ozark.

Who is Killer Mike?

Michael Santiago Render, better known as Killer Mike, is a well-known rapper, actor, and activist.

Mike Bigga is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, who has been making waves in the hip hop world since the 1990s.

Mike made his debut on Outkast’s Stankonia album in 2000, and he also contributed to their Grammy-winning track The Whole World.

Since then, the singer has recorded five full-length solo albums and founded Grind Time Official Records.

Legend Has It, Reagan, Kryptonite, Oh My Darling Don’t Cry, Big Beast, and Close Your Eyes are some of Killer Mike’s most popular songs.

For many years, the rapper has been a vocal political activist, concentrating on subjects such as socioeconomic inequity and police brutality, among others.

Killer Mike’s Appearance on Ozark season 4

Killer Mike made an appearance in the eighth episode of the most recent season of the show. Ruth Langmore approaches the rapper in a diner and declares that she is a fan in the scene.

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The rapper expresses his gratitude for her admiration and inquires as to what music she is currently listening to. Ruth then hands him her headphones, and Mike notices that she is listening to Nas’ N.Y. State of Mind.

“It always feels to me like he hates it and misses it all at the same time,” Ruth says of the song.

Killer “You know, when I listen to that tune — there’s projects in Queens where you can kind of see Manhattan,” Mike responds. I’ve always thought it was simultaneously hopeful and f—ing cruel.”

“You ever wonder if he’d swap that record if it meant not having to go through all that s**t?” a vulnerable Ruth asks the rapper.

“If you gotta pose the question,” Killer Mike calmly responds, apparently hinting that Nas would likely exchange that record.

Why is Killer Mike called that?

Killer Mike also mentioned that his rap name originated from a battle in Atlanta. Mike says he did so well that others in the group labeled him a “killer.”

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Is Killer Mike a good rapper?

Killer Mike is undeniably one of the best rappers alive, but even rappers have to know when to take the jewels and run.

How old is Big Boi from Outkast?

Antwan Andre Patton, better-known by his stage name Big Boi, was born today in 1975, making him 47 today. He is best-known for being one half of hip hop duo Outkast alongside Andre 3000.

Who’s the rapper Ruth talks to in Ozark?

En route, Langmore is listening to Nas’s iconic track, “N.Y. State of Mind,” from the rapper’s 1994’s Illmatic album. While grabbing coffee at a diner, Ruth spots Killer Mike at one of the booths. She walks up to the Atlanta native, telling him that she’s a fan, before showing him what’s she’s bumping in her earbuds.

Who makes RTJ beats?

Chief among the Run The Jewels cohorts are Little Shalimar and Wilder Zoby, two multi-instrumentalist brothers who’ve contributed to every RTJ album to date, and have been promoted to co-producer status for the entirety of the recently-released Run The Jewels 3.

How did Killer Mike and El-P meet?

The duo were first introduced to each other by Cartoon Network executive Jason DeMarco in 2011. El-P later produced Mike’s 2012 album R.A.P. Music, which was soon followed by Mike’s appearance on the track “Tougher Colder Killer” from El-P’s 2012 album Cancer 4 Cure.

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What business does Killer Mike own?

Killer Mike has launched numerous successful businesses including a Black and Latino-owned digital banking platform titled Greenwood, soft drinks Crip-A-Cola and Blood Pop and also created Netflix’s Trigger Warning.

What is Big Boy’s net worth from Outkast?

Introduction. As of 2022, Big Boi’s net worth is roughly $30 million. Big Boi is an American rapper, songwriter, actor, and record producer, best known for being a member of American hip hop duo Outkast alongside André 3000.

Are OutKast still friends?

As collaborators for more than a quarter of a century, Big Boi and André 3000’s relationship extends far beyond just making music. The pair first met at the age of 16 and have remained close friends ever since — even when their work together in OutKast fizzled out.

Is El-P White?

On the latest episode of People’s Party With Talib Kweli, El-P tells Kweli that he feels obligated to address race as a white rapper, saying, “I’m white, but I’m not an expert on being white.” While the producer/rapper/label owner says he didn’t want his personal narrative to focus on his ethnicity or his struggles to …