Keith William McVeighty cause of death: What happened?


According to reports, a British retiree died in a tragic motorcycle accident in Thailand.
Keith William McVeighty was driving along the highway in Chiang Mai when he claims a “reckless driver” pulled out in front of him.

Keith William McVeighty’s cause of death

Following the crash, images show the inverted bike on the highway. ViralPress is the source of this image.
On Sunday morning, CCTV footage allegedly captured a female vehicle plowing into the 83-year-old.
The driver was forced to use the brakes before a silver Mazda SUV slammed into the back of his motorcycle at the busy intersection, according to reports.

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The British national, who was born on the Isle of Man, was allegedly thrown over the vehicle’s roof before collapsing to the side of the road.
According to reports, the pensioner’s helmet was misplaced as paramedics raced to the scene.

The ex-pat was brought to Hang Dong Hospital in the city, but his family was informed that he had died several hours later.

Local police have launched an inquiry into the death to see if the motorist in question, who is believed to be a lady from China, was to blame for the horrible crash.
Following a check of CCTV footage, authorities said they are interviewing a female motorist in connection with the incident.
They went on to say that if the driver was found guilty of risky driving, he will face charges.
“We are interviewing the driver and analyzing CCTV recordings to find out what caused the accident,” police captain Jetsada Pankaew said in a statement.

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If they are found to be at fault, they will be prosecuted according to the law.”
The motorbike rider died as a result of his injuries sustained in the collision.
“He had a large bike with a lot of power, but he was very comfortable riding on the road.” As evidence, the bike was examined.

We followed standard protocol, and the death was reported to the British Embassy.”
The Foreign Office of the United Kingdom has verified the death of a British national in Thailand and stated that they are assisting the family.
“We are supporting the family of a British guy who died in Thailand,” a spokeswoman said.

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